D&D Fifth Edition Rolls Knowledge (Dungeonqueering), Gets a Natural 20

The Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons has begun its staggered launch. The Player's Handbook hit game stores just last month, the Monster Manual is due out September 30th, and the Dungeon Master's Guide will arrive November 18th. With a new edition comes new rules, and there are a number of big changes being… » 9/06/14 11:01pm 9/06/14 11:01pm

About That Time I Did Professional Arabface

I've mentioned before in comments that I once had a job where I, for lack of a better term, worked in Arabface. There wasn't any makeup involved, but that didn't matter. You don't have to paint your body to be doing it. I figured it's time, though, to do a full post - my thoughts on this are still not entirely settled. » 8/30/14 4:52pm 8/30/14 4:52pm

Has anyone read Vershawn Ashanti Young's book?

It's called Your Average Nigga Performing Race, Literacy, and Masculinity. I caught a look at it in the bookstore today and was thinking it might be a decent book to give my class in the Spring, but I wanted to see if anyone here has read it and might be able to comment on it beyond the (for obvious reasons, positive)… » 8/24/14 6:10pm 8/24/14 6:10pm

Thought: If Corporations Are People, Let's Treat Them Like People

So, I've been giving it a bit of a think, and I think we've been going about opposing corporate personhood all wrong. I mean, yeah, by any common sense definition, WalMart's not a person. It's a series of stores and office buildings which people fit inside. People, as a rule, generally don't hang out inside other… » 8/21/14 10:57pm 8/21/14 10:57pm