I Just Got My Hair Straightened for the First Time Ever

Holy shit, my hair feels like silk right now. It feels like silk. I don't know what magic the woman at the salon did - there was a flatiron and some goop, and a really nice scalp massage (seriously, salons kick ass. Fuck barber shops) and then somehow my hair came out super straight, three inches off but due to the… » 10/14/14 11:07pm 10/14/14 11:07pm

D&D Fifth Edition Rolls Knowledge (Dungeonqueering), Gets a Natural 20

The Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons has begun its staggered launch. The Player's Handbook hit game stores just last month, the Monster Manual is due out September 30th, and the Dungeon Master's Guide will arrive November 18th. With a new edition comes new rules, and there are a number of big changes being… » 9/06/14 11:01pm 9/06/14 11:01pm