Bill Cosby and Ethical Consumption of Problematic Media

Bill Cosby: accused (and given the weight of the allegations, very probable) serial rapist. Woody Allen: accused child molester. Roman Polanski: child rapist. H.P. Lovecraft: extreme xenophobic racist. Bill Maher: misogynist Islamophobe. Walt Disney: Anti-Semite. Adolf Hitler: Hitler. Dr. Seuss: drew racist… » 11/23/14 3:38pm Yesterday 3:38pm

Chaucer's Prioress: Medieval Anti-Semitism and Church Critique

Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales are one of the great literary achievements of the later English Middle Ages. They comprise a complex work of literature, which engages in varied modes of storytelling, a layered narrative structure, and attempts to represent the viewpoints of men and women of many walks of life. » 11/18/14 1:07pm Tuesday 1:07pm

I Just Got My Hair Straightened for the First Time Ever

Holy shit, my hair feels like silk right now. It feels like silk. I don't know what magic the woman at the salon did - there was a flatiron and some goop, and a really nice scalp massage (seriously, salons kick ass. Fuck barber shops) and then somehow my hair came out super straight, three inches off but due to the… » 10/14/14 11:07pm 10/14/14 11:07pm