To be honest, when Olive Garden's doing their never-ending pasta bowl, I unironically love them. I can wolf down at least three servings of pasta and four baskets of bread sticks, get another basket of bread sticks and another serving of pasta to set as to-go so I have lunch the next day, and in the end ask nicely and… »7/22/14 10:04am7/22/14 10:04am


Fun with Etymology: I Am Woman

Good day, everybody. It's time to dive once more into the deep waters of feminist etymology, and what better word to explore today than woman. Now, in order to examine woman we will have to explore the word man – it is, after all, the base noun in woman. And, of course, the neologism womon/womyn will crop up near the… »2/16/14 11:12pm2/16/14 11:12pm

How To Make Wings, Instead Of Letting The Pizza Dude Do It For You

So the Super Bowl is tomorrow, and just as Super Bowl viewership is essentially non-optional for Americans who do not wish to be regarded with open suspicion by their acquaintances and coworkers, the provision of chicken wings is essentially non-optional for Super Bowl party hosts who do not wish to be shunned by all… »2/02/14 5:12pm2/02/14 5:12pm

Lol wut? You do know that you can't violate a meme. There aren't meme courts with memelaws presided over by justicators of memes, desu. Desu is a meme and has transcended its original context. It is free to be pulled out of its context and put in a new context because as I have learned through my auditory senses,… »1/30/14 12:00pm1/30/14 12:00pm

Fun with Etymology #4: Really Lazy Edition

Hey everybody, welcome back to Fun with Etymology! It's the New Year soon for some of us and already for others, and I have just returned from a 5 day exile from the internet in order to visit family. It was fun, but I was dying without my people. So, since I lacked access to my usual suite of resources, I'm going to… »1/01/14 12:13am1/01/14 12:13am

Fun with Etymology #3 - War on Xmas Edition

Hello, you godless heathens, and welcome back to Fun with Etymology. We took a break last week, but we're back in action with a delightful (and brief) etymology of Xmas. Merry Xmas, by the way. Let's hope Robot Santa doesn't kill you, because you've been naughty. »12/24/13 10:30am12/24/13 10:30am

Fun With Etymology #2: Feminist Werewolves

Awoo, everybody. Welcome to the latest installment of Fun with Etymology! Last time we talked about the words love and pussy, but we will be scaling back to just one word this time. Today we’re going to talk about werewolves and where they come from (etymologically – we all know that geographically they come from… »12/10/13 11:40am12/10/13 11:40am

Let's Thou and I Talk about Pronouns

Thanks to all the positive attention everybody gave my article about gender neutral pronouns I’ve had this post in the works for a little while. Mostly just bouncing around my head, but finally ready to post. Today we’re going to explore the world of English’s second-person pronouns, incorporating both the history of… »11/23/13 1:00pm11/23/13 1:00pm

Let's Talk about the History of Gender and Pronouns (And Gender-Neutral Pronouns) in English

Hey there. I’m going to make a useful and informative post of sorts for once. It’s about pronouns. Since my field is English and particularly Old English literature, I have a good deal of insight into the history of the pronoun situation of the English language. And it’s a pretty neat history, which I’m going to walk… »9/22/13 4:25pm9/22/13 4:25pm